Error Edit Default Style (WSC)

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  • Hi Community :D
    I open this thread for expose my problem with WSC 3.0.0 Alpha

    When i try edit the style!

    Give me this error

    I hope a solution is found
    Thanks in advance for the help :grinning:

    Greetings:Giallo Gnolo

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  • Run this SQL query:

    INSERT INTO wcf1_style_variable (variableName, defaultValue) VALUES ('wcfHeaderMenuBackgroundActive', 'rgba(44, 62, 80, 1)'); That should do the trick

    With this query now it makes me change the style
    But for example, modify the header ( only the color ) and I click on submit and brings me to this other mistakeBut the changes I wanted to save me quietly ... I do not understand why

    I left in allegate another screen

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  • All files in folder /cache/ ?

    **** I tried to clear the cache but it always gives me the same error ****

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