Emoji Support for WCF 2.0 / 2.1

  • Hello,

    as you may know, WoltLab Suite Core 3.0 (formerly WoltLab Community Framework 2.2) is supporting Emoji officially. How this support will look like isn't known, yet. Just the fact, that the minimum MySQL version will be increased in order to save the Emoji unicode characters is something, that has been confirmed.

    But what about those who run a WoltLab Burning Board 4.0 / 4.1 respectively WoltLab Community Framework 2.0 / 2.1? They won't get an update for technical reasons.

    But i wouldn't be who i am, if i wouldn't come up with a partial solution ;)

    Already in 2014, i started to create such a plugin, but i had to give up for several reasons. But two years later, i decided to try it again - Successfully. A roughly 5 megabyte big extension was born, which should cover the basic needs of every Emoji fan.

    The extension Emoji Support allows you and your users to use all available Emoji everywhere and unlimited, where you can use the smiley system, too. The extension provides more than 1600 smileys/Emoji for nearly every cause and purpose. Coming along with that, you can hide the Emoji from your smileys list, if you like.

    For those who don't have a device that natively supports Emoji (e.g. a Windows 7 PC): Don't worry. There are several browser extensions which can provide you the whole functionality:

    Emoji Keyboard (2016) by EmojiOne:2122: for Google Chrome (recommended)
    Emoji Keyboard for Mozilla Firefox

    On Mac, simple press CTRL + CMD + Space. Windows provides the so called "Touch Keyboard" since version 8.

    Feel free to test the whole thing here: Emoji Test


    The package above also ships the optional extension Redactor - Emoji. Using this, Redactor displays the Emoji also when editing contents (by default, the editor only displays the smilies which are shipped in the whole software). You are not forced to install it, but due to the complicated Emoji names, it's recommended.


    Questions? Suggestions? Wishes?

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